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I'm very sorry to anonymous. A while ago, said anonymous posted a question for me to answer- 

fashionista, question:
i bought a pair of the kind of jeans that aren't white, but its like a really really white-ish blue. they were a good deal for the designer, so i didn't really think through how i would wear them. 
do you have any suggestions on what tops i could wear with it? thanks.

I started the post, then left it to die in drafts. I totally forgot! I'm sorry, because I love getting questions and answering them. Keep doing it. 

And as for the question:

You got lucky! I've been wanting a pair of those kind of jeans. They give such a cool, effortless Erin Wasson-ish vibe, and they're perfect for when you're going for a masculine look. Pair these jeans with neutral tones- gray, black, navy, etc. Play up the boy's look with a blazer or a long slouchy cardigan. 



  1. fashionista,

    hello, i just started reading your blog a couple weeks ago. i love the fact that you take the time to anwer people in need of fashion help. so i have a question myself... i was looking through your posts and i found a pair of high waisted stripped shorts. i was wondering where you found it, or where i can get one at a reasonable price. im thinking like 30ish for the pricetag? thanks =).

  2. Great answer, i love getting questions too;)

  3. totally agree with you. i saw a woman worn a white/blue acid wash jeans with a white dress shirt untucked and quite savvy.

  4. A Walking Wallflower-
    I'm not exactly sure what shorts you are talking about, but I found a pair of striped shorts that I put in a Topshop post a few months ago. Could those be it? If so, then you can try Topshop. Forever 21 could have similar and inexpensive ones as well.