big knits and thick tights

There comes a time at the end of summer where I (and everyone else) grow unbelievably tired of our clothes suited for 100-plus degree weather. I want to layer. I want to wear sweaters and tights and scarves. There's just so much more to experiment with in the colder weather. The trends I would love to try out this fall.

Yes, we've all seen this trend for a while, but I still can't get enough of it. Paisley, the mix of red, gold, and black, and the whole idea of a luxe hippie. It's also such an easy look to achieve.

A blazer is essential in every wardrobe. They can go with anything at all- from a dainty little dress, oversized t-shirts or sweatshirts, anything. They can be any style. Alexander Wang always does the blazer so well.

This whole collection is exactly what I want my fall style to look like. Precise layers, muted colors, put together while still being a little undone.

Ditto on the Gucci on this one- the Prada lace is absolutely everywhere. The Prada is very elegant and proper, while the Balmain is definitely more youthful and hard rock. Either way, it's a big trend that you can make work everyday.

This has always been one of my favorite styles for any season. Again, also very attainable. I love the elegant, almost preppy feminine look to this. Mary Janes, white tights, and bows. Lots of bows.



  1. Hi!!
    Great pics, you've sum up the trends for this season very well :)
    I don't like 'traditional' hippie style, but I do love that Gucci outfits, they're amazing!!(L)
    And my fav style is the romantic one ^^ so sweet!!

  2. love the gucci collection, the dresses are lovely, and the shoes with studs- and fringe details.. oh my god... and the lace-dresses from prada rocks.... got my self a vintage lace-dress in san diego last week..
    keep on blogging