pop of pink patent

I was looking through the latest issue of Teen Vogue
and in the A to Z section, a certain fashion item caught my eye. They are these hot pink patent leather Hogan sneakers. Hot pink or any kind of pink is a huge thing for fall, and these fit in perfectly. I had contemplated about the hot pink Doc Martens that are similar to these, but these are a little bit less severe and more wearable for the people who can't think they can pull the Docs off. These would look great with all black outfits or with lots of color, too! 



  1. they're so pink, but so lovable.

  2. nice to see hogan go down on their usually massive soles. I'm not a fan of the hot pink, I'm more of a classic colour gal. I hope to see these in black and white. mmmm

  3. pink shoes look amazing with an all-black outfit!

  4. ah, it's pepto bismol pink! where can i get a pair?

  5. I saw those shoes too but then I went to their web site and i was pretty dissapointed with their line!