brain freeze

Until Fashion Week starts in September, I'm afraid I cannot pull a single post idea out of my brain. I'll try, I really will...

Now, Project Runway...wow. So much licious this week... I'm not exactly sure on how anyone is supposed to judge this challenge, I mean, drag queens? The designers can throw together anything, throw some sequins and feathers on it, bam- instant formula for drag queens. The show was thoroughly entertaining and hilarious, though. 


If you look at the dress itself, it's pretty simple, it's the sequins, the wings, and the fishnets that made it the draggy perfection that it was...I loved the whole look (drag-wise, not...you know, fashion wise.)


Seriously, Daniel? Really. Not a touch of glitter or spangles or sequin or ANYTHING? I was groaning when he said "I wanted this to be tasteful, sequins make me want to throw up, blah blah blah blah". I mean, really. Daniel, we all know about your FANTASTIC taste. This dress didn't look like a drag queen, it looked like a tacky neon dress a fashion-confused Pussycat Doll would wear to the VMAs. 


This was kind of disgusting. It did nothing for LeMay or her figure. And the color! Jerell has a love affair with olive green. 


That Varla Jean, she killed me. SO FUNNY. Joe's outfit was perfect in all ways. I loved it so much and little (huge) Varla just made it better. And that belt? So, so smart.


Keith always leaves me scratching my head. All of the judges were right, it just looked sloppy, like he threw a bunch of fabric shreds onto the dress form. And no color? This looked nothing remotely like anything a drag queen would wear. 


A little boring, colorless, but at least Kenley worked the sequin aspect into it. This just screams Cruella deVil to me..


Korto did great on this...it was dramatic and perfect for the client. The flames were such a nice touch and the removable skirt made it even better. 


I'm so confused on why this wasn't in the top three! Tim Gunn stated it perfectly- 'The look she designed was pure Fashion with a capital F, because it said "Paris couture" just as potently as it did "drag queen".' So true. This dress was perfect...


So boring, basic, and dull. What says drag about this?


This was a cute look, but again! Too normal. It said more cocktail hour than stage performance. 


I didn't understand this...there's just SO MUCH going on. Terri just kept adding and adding until there was no more space. I don't see why the judges loved it. 


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