runwaylicious edition iv

First of all, sorry for not doing a Runway commentary last week, I was a little confused on how to judge the challenge- yes, it was interesting, but I don't really watch the Opening Ceremonies and wasn't sure how they should dress. But it's back. The challenge this week was to design an outfit for Brooke Shields' character on Lipstick Jungle. I had never seen this show before, but apparently Brooke's style is bohemian and artsy or whatnot. So they were in teams (always a fantastic way to cheer up the designers) and...whew.

Terri & Suede

Not my favorite look, but there was nothing really wrong with it. 

Keith & Kenley

This one definitely deserved the win. They perfectly fused the bohemian and elegant, powerful businesswoman looks together. Everything about it was perfect. 

Korto & Joe

If the sleeves were a little less puffy, this would have been okay. It's boho, I guess. But Tim did have it right- she looked like a sweet potato. A giant yam. 

Blayne & Leanne

Yes, this was a very bad look. The whole outfit looked like a Limited Too lookbook, but Brooke knew what she asked for. She knew what was going to come out on the runway, and that was Bermuda shorts. She shouldn't have criticized Blayne for that when she chose him knowing full well what was going to come out of it. 

Kelli & Daniel

Ouch. This was so very bad, I don't know how they could let it happen. I mean, the mix of leopard print, that tacky turquoise, all mixed on a pencil skirt suit? A horribly made pencil skirt, at that. 

Jerell & Stella

Loved it, loved it, loved it. They nailed the whole look, nothing was off. It can work in the office or in the evening, without any accessories or removal of jackets, which everyone else seems to turn to in the day-to-night challenges. 


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