join me in hollywoodland

Ever since the March 2008 Vogue, an editorial has stuck with me and I've never forgotten it. Yes, it's fairly recent, but it's been my favorite ever since. It's called Hollywoodland and it stars the stunning Karen Elson and actor Casey Affleck. It's all about the 1950's woman navigating through Hollywood. I was drawn to the perfect styling, muted pastel colors, and the whole charm of it. I love it...take a look. 

The picture in front of Paramount Studios is a favorite out of the shoot. It's so glamorous and retro and I love the vintage car in the background. The kitchen shot is so cute- it's cheeky and whimsical and still feels stylish. And that gown in the next picture- WHOA. 

Karen looks glamorous even while playing doting housewife. The black and white one is a tad boring, but the rest makes up for it! Don't you wish girls still wore those little flowered swim caps? So cute! Another one of my favorite shots out of the whole shoot was the one in the living room. The interior design is modern, but still has an air of the 1950's. 

How do you like Hollywoodland?