an american apparel high

I did it! I bought the leather leggings. Along with a load of other stuff from American Apparel. I'm so super excited, you don't even know. I'm just on the edge of my seat waiting until they come in the mail. Online shopping is god. Here is an inventory of 
all of my purchases. 

1 fuchsia + purple striped 
oversized t-shirt
2 black cowl neck sleeveless shift dress
3 lavender tulip skirt
4 navy tulip skirt
5 white tights
6 sheer hot pink tights
7 black knee socks
8 sheer hot pink knee socks
9 "leather" leggings
10 (not pictured) purple tights from Urban Outfitters

So the second after I sent in my order, I rushed to my room to concoct some potential outfit combinations with my new clothes. After about 20 minutes, I ended up with three pages of madly scrawled words. I swear, these things I bought are so versatile, especially the socks and tights.

 I bought a size up in the striped t-shirt so I can wear it a bit oversized over the leggings. I would never wear just leggings with a normal shirt- gives me the chills just thinking about it.

I'm so happy that I got the black cowl neck dress- I found about 233,257,889 ways to wear it. A while ago I bought some AA tights in bright fire-engine red and haven't worn them yet, because of both the searing hot weather and the lack of my clothes that would match them, but I can totally put it with this, as well as all of the other tights that I bought. 

My recent Urban Outfitters skirt epiphany (yes, I've mentioned it too many times) has taught me how much I love high-waisted skirts. That's why I bought the two tulip skirts. I get excited just thinking about the navy skirt (you know what, OR the purple. I'll be bold.) with the pink socks! I love the knee sock look now...

And don't get me started on the leather leggings. I'm just too thrilled. 


p.s. My apologies if my shopping rants don't interest you. 


  1. adorable choices. i love what you picked out!

  2. I love american apparel. The last time i was there i bought what I think is the same cowl neck dress you got and those same crazy black leggings..whoaah!

  3. I titally went mad trying to get those leather leggings around xmas, I think I went to all the stores in my town and called all the stores in the north of Norway to try find them. After making a consperecy with a friend I finally managed to get 2 of them.

  4. I still kinda nervous about leather leggings let me know how you like them

  5. Hi! I'm so obsessed with those leather leggings as well, but it's pretty hard to find a nice one over here (I'm from Holland)
    I can't seem to find the one you posted either - could you maybe tell me the code number or something??
    And I hope you'll let your readers know how it looks - once you've received your order :)

  6. I don't remember how I discovered this blog but I was freaked out because you are MUCH MORE fashionable than I am but we buy a lot of the same stuff. I buy so much at J.Crew, AA, and Urban. I have that AA cowl neck dress and I love it. I have it in orange because the hubby loves that color but secretly wanted it in black.

    Where's the Project Runway commentary? :D

  7. yes! you picked the leggings! and your purchases are fabbbbulous. i am so jealous; as of now, i am restricted from shopping because my mom claims that i dont wear half the stuff i buy (which is so not true! she just happens to be asleep when i go to school, missing my outfits!)

  8. Hah here I am commenting..AGAIN! Anyway, since your blog is awfully fabulous :) I gave you a diamond award! Check out my blog for the details!