the perfect man

Most male celebrities these days don't have a great sense of style- they throw on a nice expensive suit and go. It's really the men who are on the street or the male fashion insiders (like Hamish Bowles, who makes an appearance in this post...) who have the really outstanding style. The guys on the Sartorialist never cease to amaze me. They have a superior eye for fashion- the fit of their clothes is always perfect, they mix colors flawlessly, they make me want to buy everything they wear. Some of my favorite Sart looks lately:

I used to be entirely against men wearing shorts. I just thought it was weird. Now, I'm really changing my mind after seeing all of the men on the Sartorialist pulling it off. But men, if you're going for this look, do it like these guys- sharp, clean, and with presentable legs. I still hate the men running around in tiny athletic shorts. Knee-length, please. 

These men make the suit exciting and not the boring ones you see day after day. The first look is undeniably handsome with the double breasted jacket. You don't see that every day. I love the look in the middle- fitted blazer, clean khakis, and a pop of color in bright purple moccasins that tie together seamlessly. The fit on the last outfit is what makes it look so good. 

Men wearing color is unexpected and so fun. It shows they are brave and bold, which I really respect. The man in the baby blue suit is the coolest. He pulls it off perfectly, pairing it with the light cream colors and the dark tie and bag breaks up the outfit from being too pale. And Mr. Bowles, looking flamboyant and fabulous as usual. The last outfit I'm in love with. If I were a man, I'd wear it in a heartbeat. 

I'm obsessed with the first man. And look, more purple moccasins!



  1. yeahh but who cares, haha they're still amazing

    like your site!

  2. i used to feel the same about men in shorts.. but i guess there are always exceptions to the rule right!

  3. Have you noticed that most of the men featured on The Sartorialist are european?Haha,they have impecabble style.They set trends.

    Nice post!


  4. I especially love the men in shorts. :)