bleached denim

Ever since Kirsty Lee debuted her acid-washed/tie-dyed/bleached jeans here, I had really, really wanted to make some of my own. I have no good jeans right now, so I took some old black Uniqlo cutoffs and decided to bleach them.

My project resulted in these. Please excuse the lasso skills (or lack thereof).

Now they don't look as great as the others, but I'm pretty happy with them. These used to be very black, like ink black. I had hoped they would be more black with white splotches, but that's bleach for you. They are TINY, Daisy Duke-like shorts, so I will definitely be wearing tights with them. Very Erin Wasson. I'm going to love these in the fall with a blazer and basic t-shirt...



  1. These look great. I really like what you have done!

  2. I have heard about this person on the last two blogs i am on i really have to check this person out