kick back

After all of our ballet flats and high heels, sometimes all you want to put on is a perfectly broken in pair of sneakers. Of course, Converse is the classic. Instead of the normal black, I love the stepped up versions of the All-Star, like metallic silver or pink/black sequins.

I so want the silver high-tops to wear with my AA lamé leggings, the pink sequined ones are just adorable, and the dusty pink-purple ones are just cool. These just make me realize how much I love sneakers- just completely laid back and casual. I want to buy myself a pair of these lovelies and bask in the simpler shoe-days.

I'm sorry about all of these mini-posts, once I get a better idea, wordiness will come.



  1. Darling, you got me. Definitely love the Converses, the only casual footwear loving in my closet. Definitely LOVE the pink sequined ones!!!! Love your blog that I just discovered. We also have something in common. ;-)

  2. i love converse, i have been trying to get the right pair for ages, but never finding the one that is most worth my money.

    come check my blog out sometime, i linked you, and would appreciate it if you linked me back.

  3. for some time i was obsessed with them! haha

  4. i love converse. such a staple in my wardrobe. i have silver sequins converse that i absolutely adore. i'm prolly gonna break down and get the black ones, too.

  5. I love Converses. I have the coolest pair. Ever. Yes ; golden hi-tops with encrusted Swarovksi crystals.


    Teehee, umm, stay calm.
    Nice blog!!

  6. omg i love converse! i have these tweed pairs and i would be lost without them!!!