its the most wonderful time of the year

It's that time of year again. Where style.com nearly crashes from us trying to receive coverage of the shows, where the fashion obsessed girls of Blogger furiously type up posts of the same topic, where drooling over designers ensues. It's New York Fashion Week.

The shows today were Elie Tahari, Rachel Roy, Sue Stemp, and Trovata. Not the greatest selection, but hey, it's the first day. I loved Rachel Roy and Sue Stemp, and Trovata was fine. I didn't really like Elie Tahari, but there were a few looks that I liked.

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This was my favorite collection of the day. You can't really put a word on it, it's kind of a mix between ethnic mixed with modern colors and materials. If you look at the rest of the collection, it's many different feelings. There's ruffly white dresses and a matching blazer, a white long sleeved dress with French phrases stitched on it, everything. The evening gowns were gorgeous too, so simplistic but elegant and never boring. (And would you look at those black and white shoes, 1st and 5th pictures?)

Sue Stemp's was another one of my favorites. This one you can easily put a name to. Completely romantic and sophisticated, provocative while still being tasteful. I love the first three looks the most- the periwinkle-colored dress with the structured neckline, the purple sheer top and the tulip skirt, and the white romper with the black embroidery. Everything was so feminine and perfect for spring.

Trovata's collections are always laid-back and minimal. I loved all the slouchy rolled up pants and gingham. The matching jacket and shorts could work for someone confident enough to pull it off, but if not, the jacket and shorts could function alone too. And how cute is that navy romper? It gave such an effortless vibe, it really said spring even with the simple color palette.

Now this was one of my least favorites, as I said before. These were the only looks that I really liked. Style said it perfectly- "It felt rather more Resort than Spring. It's easy to picture bandeau tops, swim briefs, and ankle-tied harem pants at an island retreat, but in an office? Not so much." The first look is so cute, though, I love the combination of colors and layering for spring. I also love the last dress and all of the rich color.

Day 2 tomorrow!



    how can i forget
    THANK YOU for reminding me. i need to go stalk style.com now. and great post!

  2. Agreed - it is the most wonderful time of year - love this post!!

  3. WOW, I'm impressed.

  4. great post. :-)

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