and paris.


Just as good as last season's much-talked-about collection. This one almost felt like it could be a part of last season's, maybe it's just me. Even with the same aesthetic, it was a breathtaking collection that everyone will be attempting to DIY. Christophe Decarnin has this amazing talent for making the most girly things rock-and-roll. That pink dress! Even the frilly white dress had a bit of an edge to it. The proportions of the oversized jackets and destroyed pin-thin jeans were perfect. Oh how I lust for the jeans...

For Christian Dior, it just seemed too normal. It wasn't a bad collection, it was actually quite pretty, but it missed all the extravagance. Where was the enormously teased hair, the overdone eye makeup, the explosion of neon color? While we missed it now, I'm sure we can expect this from John Galliano's signature collection. But besides that, the clothes were beautiful, even though I felt like I saw way too many short flippy dresses. John did do sheer fabrics in a very classy way, unlike some of the completely bare things that I've seen so far. My favorites would have to be the last cream dress and the chartreuse 60's-ish ensemble.

This is too good. Gareth Pugh used entirely black and white, and it did not disappoint. The clothes were unbelievable- the architectural feel of them, the optical illusion it seemed to present, the strategic placing of each piece of fabric so it resembled something that you couldn't imagine fabric could be. With all the same elements and colors, this collection had mostly futuristic clothes, but with Victorian influences too, with the last dress. Even with this, it was completely cohesive and actually awe-inspiring. So nice.

Most of Nina Ricci was long gowns, cut very short with a long train, with sheer tights underneath. I liked this look, it was very ethereal and floaty, but as everyone has said, Olivier Theyskens needs to show something new and different. We have seen this from him before and it's not making us any more excited. Beautiful clothes, but nothing new from him. But I still love it. A lot, actually. It's gorgeous.

Another black and white, but this time more black than white. This would have been more suited for a fall collection, the only spring I could see was the white dresses. These just looked so dark and depressing. I don't want to be depressed in spring. I want to be happy and bright and cheerful. Getting past the season, these were my favorite looks from Yohji Yamamoto.


Margiela deserves something special. Like Martin Margiela himself, the models went completely incognito and had their faces completely covered. For me, this wasn't focusing on the clothes, it was more about these amazing images that were presented, like the big diamond, model-in-box, the big t-shirt with words, etc. (although I did adore the brown and white gown and black zipper dress) Wow. I am speechless. Just speechless.



  1. excellent reviews.
    it's good to hear someone else's perspective on a collection because sometime's i get caught up in my own.

  2. Nina Ricci did so good job!

    juliet xxx

  3. Or Oliver Theyskens actually did :D

    juliet xxx

  4. The collages looked awesome!
    Balmain,Dior and Nina Ricci are my favorites.Gareth Pugh was too weird

  5. your collages are great.
    and your comments are really interesting.
    balmain was definitely one of my favourites!

  6. Great reviews, I love how you lay out your pictures etc. I personally loved Nina Ricci.

  7. im in love with belmain this year. not only they did perfect tailoring but materials and creativity in that clothes... and the shoes??? pure perfection!
    ana selezneva opened the shoew, another plus.
    nina ricci was great as well. i love how she knows how to use colours properly.
    gareth pugh is not working for me.

  8. Balmain was amaziiiiing!!

    Nina Ricci good, not as good as the previous collections, but good nonetheless

  9. I LOVE BALMAIN ! This collection is wonderful!