Milan Fashion Week-

As beautiful as this was, I still prefer Spring '08 Versace to this. The one recurring detail that really tied the show together was the heart crafted out of zippers, which I thought was genius. It just flowed so beautifully and made it a bit more childlike. Most of the collection was black and white, with colors here and there (I loved the color, so I picked those ones out). I would have loved to see more color, which is one of the reasons I loved '08 so much. My favorite dress would have to be the blue that Lily Donaldson is wearing- the high neck is gorgeous.

I wasn't that impressed, but it was still a very pretty show. Like Versace, this had a common element throughout- the crinkled silk material. I do like this a lot, though, the whole disheveled feeling of it. It's much more casual and relaxed than last season's uptight lace. These pieces are actually pretty wearable, now that I look at it.

My favorite Milan collection- by FAR. The bright neon colors, the mixing of every pattern you could imagine, the perfectly placed accessories. Everything about this was marvelous. Even with so much color and pattern, it never looked overdone or tacky. It was still kept elegant. I love it so much.

Not as good as last season, but it still made me want a suit. The show was based off of mainly the blazer-and-skinny-pants suit, with safari influence later on. I thought I was sick of the safari, but it actually looks very good here. I found it hard to put a name to this collection. This was nothing groundbreaking, but each piece was pretty. I would love to have seen something as big and trend-setting as last season.

Another one of my favorites, Fendi was all about light and airy. Nothing too heavy, nothing too dark, nothing too tough. It was a floaty, ethereal, almost angelic collection. The color palette was mainly light pinks, blues, and beiges. When black occasionally stepped in, it was still kept delicate. The belts were a standout to me, they completely finished each look.

I always look forward to seeing how Matthew Williamson can manage to reinvent the Pucci print. It's never been one of my favorite designers, but it's pretty amazing how he can work with that same print each season and it never gets boring (to most people, at least). As usual, it was a jet-set, bound-to-Capri collection, with Miami brights and lots of them. My favorite looks were the turquoise top and beige skirt, as well as the turquoise jacket with the purple dress.

Beautiful and very minimal, but what else can you expect from Bottega Veneta? It was a timeless collection, none of these pieces have a feeling that they could go out of style anytime soon. These were classic pieces that could be for any age. The color palette was pretty, but nothing we haven't seen.

This comes in a close second for my favorite Milan collection- I always love Burberry Prorsum. Christopher Bailey just has this thing with making girls look so unbelievably cool. These were simple pieces, but the way they were styled makes me want everything. Everything looked like they had been worn and loved- a perfect model off duty uniform.

Alberta Ferretti is one of my favorite designers. Everything she makes is so ladylike and undeniably beautiful. The collection was, according to style.com, a mix of Grecian and flapper. You could definitely see the flapper in the 4th and last look. Oh so lovely. ButI can't decide how I feel about the loose blue tights in the second to last outfit...


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