I have found the miracle that lies within Sephora.

Tarte The Eraser concealer. When I use concealer, it's only for dark circles under my eyes. I don't really get blemishes, so when I do, I freak out a lot. This happened yesterday- a little zit, nothing big, but I made a big deal about it... I have had this concealer for about a month, just for my undereye circles, but I had never used it for a blemish. I put it on, then did my normal stuff. After a few hours, the zit was completely dried out and faded. It was no longer raised, but a flat, faded red dot. Before it was sore and bright red. I was AMAZED. I read on the package that it helped to heal blemishes, but I was skeptical. This does some amazing stuff. Before, I used some Clean & Clear gel stuff, which worked but only if you used it faithfully for a few days. This works fast and much better than the Clean and Clear.

Buy it NOW.

Tarte, $19, Sephora


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