i think we should play dress-up

Experimenting with the "leather" leggings from American Apparel.
The white cardigan is from Madewell, the sweater vest from Urban Outfitters, and the blazer from a Theory suit.

What I wore to dinner tonight.

tank top: j.crew, sweater vest: urban outfitters, skirt: made by me, belt: dad's

sweater: urban outfitters, t-shirt: gap, skirt: made by me, tights: american apparel

t-shirt: gap, skirt: made by me, sweater vest: urban outfitters, tights: american apparel



  1. Me again.. about those "leather" leggings, again.

    You seem really thin, what size do you have and what size legging did you get?

    I'm still having doubts about wheter to get one myself.

  2. ooh i love the middle picture.

    im so mad JA is cancelled!


  3. cuuuuute! I just got the same "leather" leggings from AA too...I love them! I wore them for the first time yesterday...they kind of slip down in the crotch but I still love them!

    I like the pink skirt/green top outfit the best I think...you made all those skirts? they're great!

  4. I like your blog.
    Thanks for the comment!! :)

  5. the leggings from American Apparel are fab!!

  6. Thank you!! So sweet of you to stop by and say that. :) I think we have the same leggings. YAY! <3

  7. you did an awesome job coming up with different options for the leather leggings.

    I'm so glad its getting cooler here in michigan so I can wear mine again soon. Lamé does not breath to well in the summer... lol

  8. I desperately want those leggings...I just can't decide if they look good on me though :S They look great on you!