lime green inside

Can I tell you how happy and satisfied I am this moment?
Do you want to know why?
Of course you do.

I have been without good jeans for quite a while now. I've tried to find them, but none ever feel or fit right. Until yesterday! I went shopping with my friend and decided on a whim to go into Intermix, which I rarely visit. And what a good choice that was. There, I found these beautiful jeans. I wasn't expecting any jeans to be under $200, which I wasn't exactly ready to fork over that day. These were $78. I know. They're a mix of gray and very light blue, and have so many details that make them amazing. For example, studded pockets, lime green lining, and my favorite, the fact that when you cuff them, they're a completely different color! I love this because my jeans are usually a little too long for me.

Is it love? Yes. Yes it is.

My outfit with the jeans from yesterday-boring, I know-I slipped on the middle shirt just to see how it looked and I very much like it.

blazer: urban renewal by way of urban outfitters, tank top: nordstrom, jeans: blank from intermix, middle shirt: american apparel

And just for fun-


Oh, but that's not all, kids! I also bought a white knit beanie/beret from Forever 21 for the upcoming fall. So cute.

As well as my new favorite beauty item, the Stila Cherry Crush lip + cheek stain. I put this on my sidebar a few weeks ago and had been curious ever since. I decided to buy it yesterday and I am so glad I did. This stuff is fantastic. My other lip/cheek stain was Benefit Posietint and although it's good, I always thought the application of it on the lips was difficult and much too messy. With Posietint, I got a nice color on my lips but it always seemed to end up around my lips too, not a good look. Stila's is a pen rather than a brush that dips into the stain, which I find so much easier. With Stila, I just have to click, a proper amount of stain comes out, and dab it onto my lips. It looks so pretty! It's like a completely natural red lip. I LOVE IT.



  1. THEY look great. YOU look great. I love the layout of your blog, dont know if Ive said that before...?

    Anyway! I know how you feel about getting a good pair of jeans. I feel that Chip and Pepper are the greatest denim makers ever, but I just got a pair of Citizens of Humanity, and I cant wait to wear them and share them on my blog!

  2. well we can absolutely link. i'm adding you now :D

  3. i love the jeans! the beanie is really cute too.

  4. cute jean. intermix offers pretty unique pieces.