the fashion week mashup

Since I've been gone all week, I've compiled some of my favorite shows from the week into one post. Now I'm not sure what days each one is, so these are kind of all over the place.


Non-trashy Hollywood starlets, rejoice! Marchesa debuted a gorgeous collection of mainly dresses that will definitely appeal to their main crowd. There were less rosettes and more unique details that we hadn't seen from them before. There were dramatic gowns and elegant cocktail dresses. Everything was quite perfect.

I LOVED Anna Sui. Her collection this season was less crazy than previous seasons, but it was still bright and colorful and completely cute. It was definitely a folksy hippie look, but not the Gucci-like luxe hippie, more like a fun hippie, a little less put together. I adored all the colors and prints, I want everything.

Another hippie collection- still an ongoing trend. As usual, Diane stuck to her prints and colors, and it never bores. I could definitely see a 70's influence in the purple velvet blazer and flowy print dresses.

I loved Jonathan Saunders so much. Everything that came up, my mouth dropped open at the sheer beauty of it all. It was all exquisite- the ombre dresses were gorgeous and the colors were all so vibrant. I'm lusting after the pink printed blazer. A girl can dream, right?
I liked MbMJ a lot better than the Marc Jacobs signature collection. The soft pastel colors were just lovely and the layering of everything really appealed to me. I'm never great at layering, so this is perfect to look for how to get it right. It was casual but still really girly and kind of sporty in a way. Marc even ventured to a ruffled denim dress that made it look so easy to achieve.

These were my favorite looks from the signature Marc Jacobs collection, I didn't really like it as a whole. It's not that it was a bad collection, just that it's not as great compared to his other fantastic seasons. Even so, he works incredibly hard and the clothes were definitely thought out. I loved the first jacket and that last pink gown. Beautiful.

Like DVF, Oscar de la Renta stuck to his signature- the uptown New York socialite type and it still didn't bore anyone. The color palette was so pretty, with pinks, reds, olive greens, and greys. Everything was beautiful and perfectly tailored, classic Oscar. As style.com said, "Everything was perfectly beautiful, maybe a bit too much so. You wanted to see de la Renta loosen up, play more to the J.Lo crowd (the pop diva's appearance caused quite a commotion) and less to the ladies who lunch. After all, he doesn't have to work for the latter's devotion; he owns it." Captures it perfectly, although the collection was still just GORGEOUS.

More sticking to the classics- Michael Kors with his Americana sportswear, this time in an almost completely red, white, and blue palette, with touches of yellow. Everything was adorably retro, like the maillot swimsuit and polka dotted swing coat. There were polka dots and stripes galore, and gowns that will definitely attract some red carpet attention.

I loved it. In a way, it felt a little tough, but there was still girly details. I loved the khaki lace skinny pants and the lattice jeans with the silk top. And that orange dress...WOW. I loved the cutouts. I've seen a lot of them in the fall shows.

Yes, more hippie/bohemian, but each designer seems to have their own take on it. None of them are the same. Rebecca Taylor's was a very feminine hippie, with some worldly, ethnic looks (2 + 3). I loved the pink and blue paisley dresses and brown tribal-inspired skirts. This collection has made me yearn for a khaki blazer for this fall. Oh yeah.

Vera Wang has this knack with colors that can't be beaten. Both with putting them together, choosing them alone, they all blend perfectly. The organza layers were so airy and looked beautiful. The statement jewelry added an edge to the otherwise delicate pieces. The last gown was one of my favorites out of the collection. How BEAUTIFUL.



  1. I'm loving all the big accessories for hair and neck! it's so fun! Also loving the pastels with black and grey!