regrets, annoyance

I read Fashion Robot's post a few minutes ago about people throwing in French words in their conversations and how obnoxious it is. It made me realize how much she was right. Some people who don't even know French are trying to sound better while using them. I once read someone who said "I j'adore ____". Now, I take French, and although I'm not the best student, I know that J'ADORE means I LOVE. So, I I love ___? That's what you're saying...Now it sounds like I'm being a bit hypocritical, considering the name of my blog. I made this a year ago, and I thought I knew about fashion, but I really didn't. Tres Tres Chic? It was from the song by Mocean Worker from The Devil Wears Prada. Pathetic? I think yes. And speaking of chic, a comment from Arabelle said how people overusing the word chic is what annoys her most. This I agree with too, hypocritical as it is. But it really feels like it's the word that everyone uses to try to sound fashionable and stylish. I regret the name of this blog SO MUCH, but I would feel weird changing it. This blog has changed the way I look at style. From these blogs, I realized that my shiny turquoise plastic beaded necklace from Forever 21 was not as cool as I actually thought it was. And I have learned that Tres Tres Chic was not a cutting edge name for a blog.

This post was kind of mindless and rambling, but...I just needed to get it out.


  1. I guess I see your point, but that's not necessarily true. For example, I often throw in a random French word here and there, but I DO know French, I'm actually minoring in it in college. So just because someone uses French with English doesn't mean they don't know French and are just trying to show off or whatever.

  2. I'm bothered by people who write "non?" all the time in their blogs...and they're not French. As in: It's annoying, non? On the other hand, I think the name of your blog is totally fine.